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Turkmen Carpet – Song of Eternity

Carpet weaving in Turkmenistan is one of the most ancient types of applied art. Bright, original, intricate patterns, original color, brightness, countless variants of patterns – all these allowed the Turkmen carpets to gain greater fame in many countries.

In Turkmenistan, women are traditionally engaged in carpet weaving. They pass on their art from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, using for this the most visible way – by their own example. Most carpets are usually woven from silk, wool and cotton. Their production requires special patience and skill. High-quality handmade carpets have hundreds of thousands of knots per square meter, and the creation of such carpets sometimes takes up to a year of hard work. Carpets are woven on vertical and horizontal looms. The silk thread goes both to the warp and to the weft of the carpet. The finished carpet is unusually thin and durable at the same time. The quality of work is very high, but the main thing is the decorative characteristics of the material itself, for which the Turkmen carpet is so highly valued.

The ornaments of Turkmen carpets, created by masters many centuries ago, are based on stylized vegetative and zoomorphic motifs, magic symbols and totem signs. Carpets of Turkmenistan, depending on the region, differ in the ornament "gel". The peculiar ancient gels of each velayat have not lost their local peculiarities. Carpets with ornaments: Teke, Salyr, Saryk, Yomud, Arsary, Chovdur are widely popular.

Carpet weaver dyed the yarn only with the help of natural dyes. They knew a lot of plants from which such paints were extracted. To obtain a red paint of different shades, moraine extract was mostly used. From indigo extracted a range of blue colors. Within the decoction of oak bark, walnut and pomegranate the yarn was dyed in brown, black and yellow tones.

The state attaches great importance to the prospects of carpet weaving at all levels. At present, carpet production in Turkmenistan is developing in three directions: home weaving, making handmade carpets on the basis of state-owned enterprises and making carpets by private companies. The most important tasks facing carpet weavers are the restoration of old drawings and the creation of new carpet compositions.

Now there are extended opportunities to purchase one of these magnificent carpets from any part of our world, which will serve not only as decoration for your home, but also provide comfort, filling your home with well-being.


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